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Sourdough bread making workshops run by Ilgin at her home in Sevenoaks, Kent.   


I very much hope that this could be the start of something amazing for you; a truly life enhancing experience.

As Tom Norrington-Davies said in his article in The Daily Telegraph; “Once you start baking your own “naturale” bread, you won't go back. Buy a good organic flour and you will be eating top-notch stuff at a bargain price, with none of the bewildering array of additives often found in shop-bought bread. Ever read the small print on a commercial loaf? No wonder so many people think they are wheat-intolerant. None of the ingredients is there for your benefit; they are to make bread quicker and cheaper to produce.” 

I couldn’t agree with him more! In order to make a superior, wholly natural sourdough loaf, all you need is flour, water, a pinch of salt and a little love! 



The workshops take place in my kitchen, which is spacious and fully equipped.

Plenty of hands on learning

The day is hands on and you will have a chance to try all the techniques I teach.


I limit my class size to four which ensures sufficient one-to-one time.


I use only the best organic ingredients.


I will guide you through every step of the process until you have made the perfect loaf.


You will experience baking every stage of a sourdough and at the end of the day you will take home a freshly baked loaf as well as the dough you made on the day.




Contact ME

Drop me a line!

For enquiries and more information please get in touch.

There is ample, free parking at my house, but if you prefer to travel on the train, we are only a 6 min walk from Sevenoaks train station. 

Just Sourdough

Sevenoaks, Kent, England, United Kingdom

E-mail: ilgin@justsourdough.com Mobile: 07545 963831


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Just Sourdough by Ilgin is a proud member of the 'Real Bread Campaign'.

Part of the charity 'Sustain'.

What is Real Bread?

The Campaign defines Real Bread as made with all-natural ingredients, and without the use of any processing aids or other artificial additives*. 

This might sound simple enough (erm, because it is so simple) but sadly something like 95-97% of the loaves we buy in Britain fail to meet this utterly basic standard.

You can read more about Real Bread here.

* Though at present we have to make the exception of the four 'fortificants' the law requires UK millers to add to almost all bread flour.


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